About Our Company

The USA Bouquet Company was incorporated on March 8, 2001. It was founded to take over and continue the business of The USA Floral Products Bouquet Division.

On May 4, 2001, The USA Bouquet Company successfully completed the asset acquisition of The USA Floral Products Bouquet Division. This Division was comprised of 5 different bouquet companies who had been in business anywhere from 10-20 years. All of the employees, customers, suppliers, etc. of the Division were preserved during the transition.

USA Bouquet imports, manufactures and distributes fresh cut flowers and related items and services in the United States from our regional facilities located in Miami, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, New Jersey, and Toronto.


Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission
To be recognized as the preferred source of fresh cut flowers and related gifts by providing exceptional value in our products, services and logistics.

Our Vision
We will become the most progressive company to meet the demands of tomorrow’s floral industry.

Value proposition

Since inception, The USA Bouquet Company has recognized that in today’s floral industry success is dependent on bringing more value to our customer. Our value proposition is simple:

  • We will consistently provide inherent value in our portfolio of goods and services.
  • We will create value in our marketing programs.
  • We will build value across our operations.
  • We will find value in global sourcing.
  • We will place value in service.
  • We will see value in you.

Contact Sales

To request more information please contact our sales staff.

Call our toll free number:
(800) 306-1071

Core Values


The USA Bouquet Company has long believed that reputation and integrity are the most important assets in our business.  We are aware that being direct, honest and having constructive dialogues are what great companies look for and find valuable in a partner.


Today’s business environment is complex and constantly evolving.  Building and growing successful business relationships requires hard work, creativity and innovative thinking.  The USA Bouquet Company believes for every customer, the opportunity to fulfill their needs means they should not be approached with predetermined notions.  Fresh thinking and new perspectives typically spell the difference between average and exceptional performance.


The constant goal in our company is to create value for our customers, employees, suppliers, lenders and shareholders.  We measure everything we do to ensure value creation has been accomplished.